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  • Shanghai Motion Control Technology Co. LTD (MCT)

    Through the years, Eastern Industrial Automation has learned the importance of exceeding customer expectations and as a result, our "Hybrid Distribution Philosophy" was created. This philosophy centers on the importance of delivering quality global products, exceptional technical support with the highest level of business acumen. Eastern Industrial Automation is well positioned to deliver bottom line savings – globally.

    A decade ago, we established a presence in China, Shanghai Motion Control Technology Co. LTD (MCT). Shanghai Motion Control Technology Co. LTD is a wholly owned subsidiary in China of Eastern Industrial Automation. Our U.S. headquarters and China locations are fully stocked with a broad range of inventory and we have engineering support to meet the requirements of our global customer demands.

    The vast products and services represented include:

    • Bearings
    • Power Transmission
    • Motion and Linear Motion Control Components
    • Fluid Power and Automated Lubrication Components
    • Pneumatic Products
    • Adhesives
    • Sealants
    • Lubricants
    • Sub-Assembly Manufacturing
    • Predictive and Integrated Maintenance Services
    • Mechanical Repair Shop Services
    • Asset Management Services

    We represent more than 1,000 leading manufacturers worldwide and we supply more than 1 million specific products to our customers. The broad cross-section of industries supported are; medical, semiconductor, pulp and paper, wire & cable, food processing, chemical processing, aggregate, utilities, textiles, corrugating, agriculture, automotive, printing, plastic, steel, bottling, packaging, food/beverage, machine tool and machine builders.

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    Address: Room 802, CENTRO, No. 568 Hengfeng Road, Shanghai, China 200070
    Tel 021 -61484822, 61484823,61484824
    Fax :021-61,484,821
    QQ: 1,589,853,195
    Email: sales@mct-eia.com